The launch of InfinityGold Industrial Sales Corporation marks the continuation of the vision of Infinity Industrial Sales Corporation as it was founded 14 years ago by FERDINAND SY WONG. After a long history of many clients nationwide served with different brands, we have become more solid and stronger than ever as we enter a new era in our company history.  Backed by solid years of undisputable quality, we stand by our commitment to deliver professional service through and through.  Our goal is to reach the INFINITYGOLD standard.
Headed by the same man with the vision who started it all, FERDINAND SY WONG is synonymous to INFINITY and now INFINITYGOLD and what it represents: a mission of INTEGRITY and our core competence of RELIABILITY.  Backed by the same team whose dedication to their job and loyalty remain unparalleled, we pledge to continue providing good service more than its weight in gold.

Allow us to thank you for doing business with us through the years.  We hope that you continue to place your full trust in us.  We stand proud to be a part of the growth of both your company and ours as we join hands in facing a future of even brighter tomorrows!

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